Press Release

Well established German Network Operator IN-telegence has made a significant investment in the Ocean Services Platform (OSP) from Telsis, as the foundation for offering existing and new enterprise focussed value-added services over the coming years.

IN-telegence has decided to consolidate various legacy solutions used in their network on to a new Telsis OSP. Existing application servers and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) functionality from Enghouse Interactive (formerly Envox) is to be replaced with an upgraded Telsis OSP and Media Server. By making this change, IN-telegence will acquire a programmable, network intelligence platform (OSP) that gives them the ability to rapidly develop new services to meet the needs of their customers. In addition, support and maintenance costs from running several disparate solutions will be reduced.

The Ocean Services Platform (OSP) is the brain at the centre of the IN-telegence network. As a Network Intelligence platform it is capable of running multiple concurrent services that can be developed in-house at IN-telegence. The Media Server brings a full multimedia platform that can handle voice, data, fax and many other services. IN-telegence will also be using OSP Map Studio, a graphical-based development environment for creating new services on the platform.

Managing Director of IN-telegence GmbH, Mr Holger Jansen commented:
“After carefully evaluating several options over recent months, it became clear to us that the OSP from Telsis was the best way for us both to consolidate our existing solutions and choose the best platform to support our business growth in the future. The ability to rapidly develop our own services on the platform is something we’re happy about as it gives us the capability to exactly meet the needs of our customers and also to differentiate our services from the competition. As we move to an IMS world, the OSP positions us well to take advantage of the new opportunities that will arise.

We’re happy to be extending our relationship with the Telsis team and we’re excited about the potential and the possibilities for the services we can create for our customers on the OSP”.

Managing Director of Telsis GmbH, Mr Peter Ritzmann added:
“We’re happy to extend our relationship with our colleagues at IN-telegence. No doubt, IN-telegence will challenge us with exciting and innovative ideas for new services on the OSP platform. With the move to IMS, having a platform that can act as the brain at the centre of the network has never been more important. We’re looking forward to working with IN-telegence on helping them realise their vision for powerful new services that focus on the needs of their customers.”