Press Release

Julien Doussot, CEO is pleased to announce the launch of Telecom Luxembourg International, the first cutting-edge service provider fully dedicated to transform the way global business communications can be served.  The company offers software-defined services powered by a carrier-grade and hyper-scalable global backbone that enables international carriers and large companies that require fast, flexible and easy ways to connect.

As a European hub, Luxembourg is generating a tremendous need of capacity and global communications to the world’s leading financial and technology hubs. It has become more and more important to address those international connectivity requirements.
With a large experience in the local and global telecommunication market, Julien Doussot (CEO) and Jean-Paul Woltz (Managing Director) founded Telecom Luxembourg International SA in order to bridge the gap between the old traditional telecom industry and what the telecommunication business must be today.

Julien Doussot said: « be an international player is no longer enough. To be competitive, we need to rethink everything: full automation, APIs and machine learning are just a few aspects of what will empower the new era of telecommunication industry. Software is the key. Consequently, with our CTO Eduard Melnyk, we are developing a full end-to-end orchestrated enterprise solution that bundles scalable Cloud, Datacenter, Internet and hybrid SD-WAN connectivity.To do that we have setup a Next-edge Technology Center with a software engineer team 100% dedicated to the development of our software-defined network platform. »

The software operated network offers high scalability and agility to customers who are able to order and configure with a few clicks from a smartphone. Automation and software management process offer more reliability and cost efficiency for the end customer.  Improved digital technology connectivity is an ongoing requirement needed to support international growing economic activity and Telecom Luxembourg International has developed asignificant expertise in these fields. The company already proposes connectivity for international telecom providers and Luxembourg large accounts with the development of their own networks and with the support of existing telecom partners.

« Our aim is to be completely customer centric. It’s not about technology it’s about client focus. What we want to achieve is to connect people together.»

Telecom Luxembourg International S.A is backed by JCWConsulting and the fund of Luxfactory group.
Luxembourg … let’s make it happen…..

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