Press Release

The Independent Network Co-operative Association (INCA) today announced it will tackle the ‘new home fibre void’ with a new seminar which will explore the opportunities in the Fibre To the New Home (FTTNH) sector and explore the impacts of full fibre connectivity on the entire housing market.

Featuring discussion around the latest developments in new home fibre provision in the UK, attendees will be encouraged to share insight into how improved new build fibre access will enhance the property market and optimize gains for service providers. The event follows research which revealed that around 11% of UK new homes do not have access to superfast broadband.

The FTTNH seminar will take place at the Principality Stadium, in Cardiff, on Wednesday, 17 April, offering a unique platform for network builders, operators, and equipment vendors alike to explore with house builders, town planners, architects and estate agents, the opportunities to be realised.

“Now is a fantastic time for different sectors to collaborate and capitalize on the opportunity to develop full fibre connectivity at new builds,” said Malcolm Corbett, CEO at INCA. “This seminar will identify ways for new home developments to maximize the potential being offered by incorporating higher levels of fibre connectivity.

“A recent ISP report which showed that around 11% of UK new home builds do not have access to superfast broadband. This void presents a huge opportunity for house builders to collaborate with network operators to facilitate the provision of 21st century digital infrastructure and ensure new builds are futureproof. The house-building industry is becoming more aware of the variety of network builders and operators now available to them, and by coming together in Cardiff we hope to be able to explore what is needed and what can be done to enhance the delivery of FTTNH projects.”

Corbett will introduce the afternoon sessions, from 1.30pm, alongside confirmed speakers including: Matthew Perryman, Welsh Government; Chris Knott, Dorchester Group; Andrew Lambert, Fibre Unlimited; Matthew Kirkman, Openreach; Ian Boardman, Horsebridge among others.

The FTTNH seminar will analyse the improvements currently being made in the UK, which have been substantial, as confirmed recently by the FTTH Council Europe which, for the first time, included the UK in its fibre broadband panorama.

“By building on the momentum of this announcement, home-builders and the digital sector are well positioned to work together to ensure FTTNH remains a top priority,” concluded Corbett.

Registration is now open at For more information, please contact Gill Williams at