Press Release

Operators in the LATAM region looking to overcome the challenges of increasing bandwidth demands and interference mitigation are set to benefit when InfiNet Wireless, the global leader in fixed broadband wireless connectivity, launches its latest SDR technology solution to the Latin America market at the annual Andicom conference in Cartagena, Colombia next week.

On display at booth 85, the Quanta 5 has been designed to offer the highest spectral efficiency available in today’s wireless marketplace. Able to seamlessly operate from sub-zero temperatures to tropical conditions, Quanta 5 is the company’s brand new 5 GHz Point-to-Point solution which has a capacity of up to 450 Mbps in just 40 MHz, delivers full Quality of Service (QoS) with a processing power in excess of 800,000 packets per second.

"Our solutions continue to break records across the wireless world and Quanta 5 is no exception. Able to cater for a wide range of applications, such as Internet access as well as high resolution video streams in to CCTV infrastructure, we are proud to have developed this new platform, the most efficient spectrum available in the market today. Quanta 5 is easier than ever before to deploy and use, cost effective and exceeds performance expectations, satisfying bandwidth demands from our customers and mitigating interference issues even in the noisy radio environments," said Carlos de Lamadrid, Business Development Manager for LATAM at InfiNet Wireless. “Some of our strongest markets are in Latin America and events like Andicom are the perfect opportunity for us to showcase our technological breakthroughs to decision-makers from all industry sectors, and share our more global experience in order to help them address successfully all challenges they may be faced with.”

Quanta 5 delivers a comprehensive set of benefits in a Point-to-Point topology, all with a fibre-like performance, thanks to InfiNet’s advanced proprietary management protocols. This new solution combines the complete set of features associated with Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) platforms, with the added flexibility based on the company’s own and well-proven WANflex operating system.

InfiNet’s continued growth and expansion in the LATAM region was further evidenced when the company and its loyal partner in the region Avantec jointly launched a new operation in Colombia. This new arrangement represented a milestone for the cooperation between the two companies, cementing an already successful cooperation which resulted in more than 100 projects jointly implemented in just four years since the partnership began in Mexico in 2014.

De Lamadrid added: "Returning to Andicom this year is a wonderful opportunity to present our recent successes in the region, further develop existing relationships and build brand new ones. We have a prominent role in the market, holding a number of events in the region, including our Annual Conference exclusively for our LATAM partners, and have recently established our own business and support presence in Mexico, Colombia and Brazil. Andicom allows us to demonstrate how we can meet any wireless requirements and overcome connectivity challenges, thanks to our global experience and growing portfolio of wireless solutions."

InfiNet Wireless can be found at booth 85. Andicom takes place from 29-31 August 2018 at Cartagena des Indias, Colombia.