Press Release

InfiNet Wireless, the global leader in fixed broadband wireless connectivity, has successfully delivered a wireless infrastructure solution at a major Kazakhstani oilfield to provide real-time control and accounting of oil production, marking a major step in the transition to a digital oilfield future.

InfiNet Wireless and JSC Karazhanbasmunai, one of Kazakhstan’s major oil producers, have successfully collaborated to provide the solution at the Karazhanbas oil field located in Mangistau region. With telecommunications company KRIS-Service, responsible for the development and implementation of system of facility remote monitoring (SFRM), the solution was designed to automate oil production processes and reduce illegal oil turnover.

The infrastructure allows for the transmission of real-time data on the volume of oil produced, the number of different impurities, the condition of the equipment and other parameters of the automated system from the intelligent control stations (ICS) installed at each well. In total, 114 existing wells and 100 new wells were equipped with InfiNet devices, from which data was transmitted online to the operator’s console to enable full control of the oil production process.

Based on the results of the experimental tests, InfiNet devices were selected as the sole wireless equipment to provide complete coverage for the Karazhanbas field area. In total, the project includes a planned upgrade of 370 wells and installation of new ICS for 2,500 wells.

“Our ability to operate in some of the most challenging and severe climatic conditions played a key part in us being selected for this,” said Roman Smirnov, Commercial director at InfiNet Wireless. “We have provided a reliable, highly functional and high network throughput service for the oil site and in doing this we have successfully demonstrated the versatility of our services and shown how we are at the forefront of technological advancements in so many sectors.”