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InfiNet Wireless, the global leader in fixed wireless broadband connectivity, will showcase its ground-breaking wireless solutions for the mining industry at Mining Week Kazakhstan 2019.

InfiNet Wireless will present its Mobile Video Complex and Vector 5 solutions at the event, also known as the 15th International Mining Exhibition for Mining and Exploration, Mineral and Coal Processing and Metallurgical Technologies. Taking place in the city of Karaganda, Kazakhstan from 25-27 June, the event will unite mining experts with a focus on the latest solutions for advancing connectivity within mines.

“We are looking forward to sharing our cutting-edge solutions with the mining industry at this leading event. The Mobile Video Complex solution offers mining companies with priceless benefits, including optimization of maintenance costs and operation in harsh climatic conditions and aggressive environments,” said Roman Smirnov, Chief Commercial Officer at InfiNet Wireless. “The scalable and flexible system, which can be easily deployed avoiding high costs, has a communication channel range of up to 100km and a communication distance with fixed objects of up to 6km at a vehicle speed of 90km.”

InfiNet Wireless’ Mobile Video Complex solution is a specifically crafted solution for the mining industry which provides organization of the main communication channels for mining companies. It also consolidates all geographically distributed objects of the enterprise in a single information network and operates a CCTV system. Furthermore, the Mobile Video Complex system allows seamless communication with mobile objects and machinery including cars, excavators, drilling machines, railway transport and loading and unloading equipment.

The Mobile Video Complex is compatible with InfiNet Wireless’ InfiLINK 2×2 PRO, InfiLINK 2×2 and InfiLINK XG wireless point-to-point solutions and its InfiMAN 2×2 point-to-mulitpoint solution. The solution has already been successfully deployed by one of the largest thermal coal producers in Kazakhstan, one of the top five mining enterprises in Russia and one of the largest gold mining companies worldwide.

InfiNet Wireless will also display its Vector 5 point-to-point solution which operates at 5 GHz and boasts a capacity of up to 450 Mbps in only 40 MHz channel, quality Full service (QoS) and processing power in excess of 800,000 packets per second. Vector 5 is specifically designed to offer the highest spectral efficiency available in the current wireless market and is capable of operating in temperatures from below zero to tropical conditions.

Vector 5 offers a wide range of uses at a high-performance level, such as Internet access, multiservice networks, telemetry and high-resolution video transmissions in a CCTV infrastructure, making efficient use of the spectrum currently available in the market.

InfiNet Wireless’ booth will be located at stand number 339 at the Multilogic Sport Complex Zhastar.

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