Press Release

Infovista, the leader in modern network performance, today launched a new Digital Twin Unified Service Assurance framework for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) that simplifies network and service operations, offering deep analytics insights for sustainable business growth and operational efficiency improvement.

VistaInsight Avatar enables mobile and fixed CSP’s to streamline complex operations through a unified service assurance framework orchestrating performance across both next generation and legacy technologies, including 5G, LTE, SD-WAN and NFV.

The framework elevates Digital Twin technology to create a digital avatar of physical assets across the network, processes and systems, enabling service providers to manage the digital infrastructure in a new, simple and agile way. Offering a single pane of glass for RAN, Core and IP network/service operations to enable advanced performance management and capex optimization for networks. The solution employs advanced analytics and machine learning across all customers, services and network elements within a closed loop assurance ecosystem to provide end-to-end inventory, configuration, performance and service management.

“The arrival of 5G and SD-WAN combined with new Industry 4.0 business models is set to innovate service offerings and dramatically change the game for fixed and mobile service providers.” says Stephen Bowker, SVP, Products for Infovista, “We are bringing proven digital maturity practices from other industries into telco to revolutionize assurance and management of the ever-increasing network complexity, which enables CSP’s to meet the agility challenge.”

VistaInsight Avatar offers the following benefits to Communication Service Providers:
• A unified automatic inventory, assurance and planning framework
• Return on investment focused adoption of next generation technologies
• New and agile use cases with Machine Learning based business analytics
• Operational efficiency and agility through silos reduction