Press Release

INNO Instrument Inc, global developer of leading optical communications products and testing solutions, is set to showcase the world’s most advanced Ribbon Splicer, View 12R, at OFC (Optical Fiber Communication Conference) in San Diego, 5 -7 March 2019.

To ensure fast and precise connectivity, fibers need to be spliced in a highly-visible environment with optimal lighting and magnification during the splicing process. With this in mind, INNO Instrument developed the View 12R which features the world’s highest magnification rate, of 250x with a simple double tap zoom for ultimate control.

Reducing splice times to a matter of seconds, the View 12R is designed to splice up to 12 fibers simultaneously, saving valuable time and boosting efficiency for operators. The splicer also offers reliable results with the convenience of the combination of a 5” touch screen and a smart Guided User Interface (GUI).

“To ensure fast and precise connectivity, fibers need to be spliced in the optimal environment including bright-lighting and intense magnification,” said Mr. Myoung, President of INNO Instrument America Inc.

“We have developed the View 12R to include the world’s highest magnification rate to provide our customers with the ideal setting for the perfect splicing process. Customers in the US are already noticing the difference of the View 12R in comparison to other Ribbon Splicers in the market.”

Alongside the View 12R, will be the complete INNO Instrument Inc. portfolio including View 7 core-alignment fusion splicer, View 900 cable antenna analyzer, View 500 OTDR, MINI2 OTDR, and View 950M multi-scan, multi-port testing solution.

Mr. Myoung added: “We look forward to showcasing our industry leading portfolio with attendees of OFC and demonstrating the real benefits our products can bring to operators.”

Visitors of OFC are invited to experience the difference of INNO technology first-hand at booth #4607 and within the OFC Test & Measurement Center at booth #4549, where demonstrations of the View 12R, View 7 with OTDR and View 500 will take place.

INNO Instrument Inc. can be found at booth #4607, 5th – 7th of March, San Diego Convention Center, California.

To learn more about the View 12R Ribbon Splicer and other INNO Instrument Inc. technologies, please visit: