Press Release

IS-Wireless, in cooperation with MindMade, announced the premiere of an innovative critical communication system based on a portable private 4G / 5G network – Mission Critical Network in the Box (MC-NIB). The solution is designed for emergency services, operators of critical infrastructure, and the military. It was created to ensure communication in crisis situations, such as natural disasters, threats to public safety and extensive failures of telecommunications or energy infrastructure. The official presentation took place during the International Defence Industry Exhibition MSPO in Kielce, Poland.

This innovative solution was developed as a join efforts of IS-Wireless, a Polish provider of network technologies, and MindMade, part of the WB Group which specializes in ICT solutions for law enforcement and public safety. – This is the first 4G and 5G solution on the Polish market, which provides special connectivity for industries that require reliable and safe connections, such as fire brigades or the military. Our technology is also intended to secure critical infrastructure, e.g., communication networks for the energy sector – says the CEO and Founder of IS-Wireless, Slawomir Pietrzyk. – We have developed an independent communication system that allows a quick set up of a 4G or 5G telecommunications network to be used in any situation and in all conditions, even the most extreme ones – he adds.

5G network in the backpack
As the authors of the new system assure, the solution was created to address situations when public connectivity becomes unavailable, e.g., is damaged as a result of a natural disaster. Portable 4G or 5G network would allow to restore it. – The relevant services that come to the disaster site are able to launch their own network, which is located in a suitcase or a backpack – explains Slawomir Pietrzyk. This solution may also be a key element of the communication system for the military.

The solution that we present at this year’s MSPO is an extension of the functionality of the Communications Integration Platform (PIK) implemented by us, ensuring interoperable communication between various radio systems via cellular networks. Now the solution is gaining a new quality in crisis situations and for military applications – comments Jan Jakub Szczyrek, CEO of MindMade.

By extending the functionality of the PIK system using the MC-NIB communication network, the services and the military gain an opportunity to create their own, completely safe, and resistant to interception, crisis communication networks in any area where no telecommunications infrastructure is available – adds Dariusz Palczewski, member of the board of MindMade | WB GROUP

The premiere of the 4G / 5G mobile network took place during the September XXIX International Defense Industry Exhibition in Kielce, Poland. The solution was presented at the stand of the WB GROUP – the largest Polish manufacturer offering communication and command technologies as well as advanced systems for the armed forces from around the world.

IS-Wireless implements a 5G campus network
The portable network is not the only complete Polish solution that IS-Wireless is proud of. In July, the company began its first 5G network implementation based on an open model, the so-called Open RAN. This is the latest trend in building 5G networks, gaining attention all around the world. The company has global ambitions as well. It is currently, discussing implementations in Europe, the United States and Asia with its partners.