Press Release

Intracom Telecom, a global telecommunication systems and solutions vendor, in partnership with GlobiLED, a LED light manufacturer, has been awarded recently an energy savings performance (ESP) contract with the Papagou-Holargos Municipality to provide smart city solutions for achieving street lighting upgrade, efficiency and automation along with smart city functionalities.

Aiming both at reducing the energy consumption and improving the safety and aesthetics, the Municipality has chosen to modernize the road lighting and apply several of Intracom Telecom’s IoT solutions. More specifically, within the framework of the contract Intracom Telecom is going to supply the Municipality with its Smart City & IoT platform, which will monitor & control the efficient operation of 4.702 high-tech and energy-efficient LED lights, as well as their maintenance. The LED lights will be provided by GlobiLED. Moreover, Intracom Telecom is going to deploy its smart parking system, its free, public Wi-Fi access point management system, as well as its planned and predictive maintenance software, which will document malfunctions, create a hierarchy, plan the relative recovery, reporting, and monitor statistics.

All these diverse and complex Smart City solutions are going to be managed and controlled by Intracom Telecom’s Unified IoT Orchestration platform (uiTOP™); a platform enhancing a unified environment for advanced management and control of Intelligent Things, over multiple vertical domains and aiming at enabling a number of IoT applications.

The Municipality is going to benefit from 83.69% energy savings in lighting, which will altogether finance the project through the ESCO model, reduce its energy footprint by 5,961 tonnes CO2 annually, and still save more than 2.5 million Euros over the 12 years of the project.

Nikolaos Velentzas, General Manager of Intracom Telecom’s Services Business Division, notes: “A promising and significant project has just begun and we are delighted that we have been selected for such a challenging deployment. We always aspire towards enhancing smart connected societies where the latest IoT technologies are implemented. As the demand for more smart applications is increasing we are there to offer our leading technology solutions. We consider this a crucial step towards modernizing and connecting every Municipality in our country, and offering our deep knowledge and expertise to support the wellbeing of people.”