Press Release

Intracom Telecom, a global telecommunication systems and solutions vendor, through its subsidiary in Romania, Intrarom, announced the completion of a Smart Metering project for Distributie Energie Oltenia S.A. (DEO), an electricity operator, part of CEZ Group in Romania, with presence in seven counties in the Oltenia region. More specifically, the company supplied, installed and put into operation a subsystem that measures and transmits data from smart three-phase and mono-phase meters (SMTs), and data concentrators. For this project, Intrarom successfully cooperated with two subcontractors: ADD GRUP and ADREM Invest.

The project was fully aligned with CEZ’s Group goal to modernize the electricity measurement system, which involved the replacement of consumers’ electricity meters with smart ones that will be included in a smart metering system.

Through this project 10,000 smart meters, filters and data concentrators were provided, as well as installation, configuration and integration services in the existing information system (MMDC). Moreover, there was extensive testing & commissioning, including all the related site preparation works, personnel training services, and warranty & technical support services.

The new smart energy measurement system was able to provide more data than a conventional meter, offering an effective two-way communication between the smart meter and the measured data management subsystem. Meter reading, connection and disconnection were achieved from a distance, increasing thus the comfort of the consumer.

The project entitled ”System for measuring and transmitting data from meters, consisting of mono / three-phase smart meters and data concentrators” is the second project that ADD GRUP and Intrarom delivered to Distributie Energie Oltenia. The first one was deployed back in 2017 and served as proof of concept for DEO to grasp the technology and choose an efficient smart metering strategy. Results of the project are an excellent evidence of the fact that decisions were correct and well-thought.

Georgios Roussos, CEO of Intrarom, stated: "We are delighted that CEZ Romania entrusted Intrarom for the development and implementation of a smart metering solution, as this projects, also, fits ideally with our customer’s development strategy in adopting the most advanced technologies for electrical networks. Its successful completion reaffirms Intrarom’s capacity to implement smart projects dedicated to energy and utilities companies – a business-critical sector of the Romanian economy that is in full growth and modernization – helping them to differentiate themselves in the new liberalized market.”