Press Release

Intracom Telecom, a global telecommunication systems and solutions vendor, announced the donation of five advanced portable telemedicine kits to Greece’s Ministry of Health, thus contributing to the effective monitoring and management of any potential ad-hoc needs everywhere, especially in remote and isolated areas.

As the COVID-19 pandemic is still going strong globally and the cases in Greece are moving upwards, Intracom Telecom decided to donate the most advanced portable telemedicine kits to the Ministry of Health to further equip the emergency response personnel in addressing a variety of medical situations with speed, efficiency and quality of service.

Mr. Michalis Prountzos, Human Resources Director of Intracom Telecom, underlined: “It is our responsibility to contribute to the on-going battle against COVID-19, hand-in-hand with the government. We are committed to developing innovative technologies that improve the quality of life of our fellow citizens. This donation aims to enhance Greece’s healthcare system capabilities in order to remain highly competitive on the COVID-19 battlefield and beyond.”

The portable telemedicine kit is a carry-on suitcase that supports a large number of digital medical devices, which are connected to Greece’s National Telemedicine Network (EDIT) network, giving thus more mobility and flexibility with high precision, so as to transmit patients’ health indicators to the interconnected hospitals and receive the appropriate medical instructions in real time. It is reminded that Intracom Telecom already participates in the EDIT project that connects 71 telemedicine installed fixed stations in the Aegean islands with central hospitals of the 2nd Regional Healthcare Administration of Piraeus & the Aegean.