Press Release

Intracom Telecom, a global telecommunication systems and solutions vendor, signed recently a contract with the Hellenic Police Directorate of the Ministry of Citizen Protection of Greece for the “Smart Policing” project, which aims at rapidly and safely identifying and verifying citizens, vehicles and security documents in order to increase the level of community security sense.

Within the context of the contract, Intracom Telecom will carry out the study, design and deployment of the integrated information system. The solution consists of core building blocks related to face recognition, automated fingerprint identification, security documents processing and verification of authentication, complex information searches to legacy and new databases, as well as correlation of information from the aforementioned records. Among other engineering and integration works, the company will supply the system to Hellenic Police in order to be implemented by various agencies “on the go” while being on the field, and by the Hellenic Police Directorate.

The “Smart Policing” project will allow for faster and more effective access to security information by flying squads on the field, where criminal actions take place.

Nikolaos Velentzas, General Manager of Intracom Telecom’s Services Business Division, notes: “We are pleased to be trusted by the Hellenic Police Authority to develop and implement a smart solution that will minimize criminality indicators and facilitate the operations of the security authorities. The expansion of smart policing will help Hellenic Police to focus on the sources of crime allowing them to make strategic deployment decisions and respond to incidents faster. I am confident that this project paves the way for potential future surveillance and security deployments worldwide.”