Press Release

Intracom Telecom, a global telecommunication systems and solutions vendor, supplies, through Westica Communications Ltd, the company’s authorized reseller in UK, its advanced OmniBAS™ microwave (MW) product family and its innovative uni|MS™ Network Lifecycle Management platform, for the upgrade of the private network for Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI).

The two companies were assigned the supply of radio transmission products that aim to upgrade the private wireless transmission network. This new network is going to support a range of broadband services with full wireless and management redundancy.

Intracom Telecom provides its Point-to-Point (PtP) microwave radio solutions and antennas from its next-generation OmniBAS™ product family and the innovative Network Lifecycle Management platform, uni|MS™. Westica at the same time supplies a range of advanced services, such as design, installation, commissioning, integration, migration, maintenance and technical support.

PSNI’s representative stated: “Working in mission critical environments, such as PSNI does, we need to be confident that we have the most appropriate partners on our side. Thus, selecting Westica and Intracom Telecom is a means to strengthen an important relationship, given their experience and knowledge of PSNI and strategic infrastructure projects. We are confident that our collaboration will prove both effective and very successful.”

Westica’s Executive Director, Mr. Andrew Hunwicks, noted: “Westica has been supplying Intracom Telecom equipment to PSNI for some time now and the continued trust in the technology, surety of supply, maintenance and management are key to moving this critical network forward.”

John Tenidis, Marketing Director of Intracom Telecom’s wireless solutions portfolio, mentioned: “The renewal of supply comes as strong evidence of the trust bestowed on Intracom Telecom’s technology to satisfy mission critical applications and sensitive communications. Intracom Telecom is committed to evolving its portfolio, leading standards implementation and being a front runner in providing secure network infrastructures for security and surveillance.”