Morocco currently languishes towards the bottom of the world ranking tables for 4G availability and speed levels, but Inwi’s latest network upgrade means that their customers in the country will be experiencing some of the fastest mobile download speeds in the world

Moroccan telco, Inwi, has competed a network upgrade project that will allow mobile users to access download speeds of up to 1Gbps. 

The 4G LTE network expansion project is now complete, meaning that Inwi’s customers across Morocco can access gigabit download speeds from their mobile devices. As part of the network upgrade, Inwi worked alongside international tech giant Huawei, who implemented 4×4 MIMO technology enabling next generation network performance. 

"In concrete terms, this is a pre-5G solution that offers very high speed that can reach more than 1Gbps. It is a giant step towards the next transition of the Inwi network to 5G that will allow individuals and businesses to enjoy a flow equivalent to optical fibre with the flexibility of mobility," the company’s Director of Planning and Performance, Fadoua Bettioui Laroussi, told news site 

In OpenSignal’s most recent State of LTE report, Morocco performed comparatively well on 4G availability, scoring 69.34 per cent, comfortably beating availability in neighbouring Algeria (40.94 per cent) and Tunisia (61.38 per cent). 

In terms of speed, the country averaged just 15.8Mbps on its 4G networks. Inwi’s latest network upgrade project will go some way to improving that score by the time OpenSignal’s next report is released later this year.  

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