Press Release

Pangea are excited to report that over the course of 2020, their partners’ total IoT data usage increased by over 500%.

Last year, the number of IoT use cases skyrocketed as the world quickly adapted to COVID-19; and according to Vodafone’s IoT Spotlight 2020, 82% of the businesses who’ve adopted IoT have seen a rise in both revenue and market share.

The demand for IoT data reflects this. It led to Pangea’s year-on-year growth ramping up to 95%; more than double their previous year’s.

Pangea were also able to kick off the new year by signing their 300th Channel partner. A total of 75 new partners came on board in 2020 to meet the rapidly growing demands of their customers with IoT and intelligent mobile connectivity.

As a result, Pangea had the opportunity to work on big IoT projects such as:

Connecting a pop-up hospital for the NHS at the start of the pandemic. When COVID-19 hit, the NHS set up pop-up hospitals to protect the nation, but with patients due to arrive in two days, they needed connectivity immediately.

Keeping over 55,000 students safely connected to their education, with adaptive 4G connectivity and an AI-based content filter. When schools closed in the UK’s COVID-19 lockdown, they needed to keep homebound students connected to their studies—without exposing them to web-based threats.

Winning £2m for a partner with in-car connectivity. A premium transport company was locked in an unhealthy contract with a major UK mobile network operator; and it was costing them millions. They needed resilient mobile connectivity for their fleet, with a flexible contract that fit their usage plans and budget.

Pangea’s MD Dan Cunliffe is grateful to be working alongside some of the best teams in the Channel.
‘IoT helped keep the world turning through 2020, and it continues to shape the future ahead of us,’ he said. ‘It’s a privilege to be a part of that change, and to play a role in our partners’ own IoT journeys.

‘If you haven’t taken the first step into IoT yet, my advice is to find an IoT partner and do it now. Every industry is brimming with IoT opportunities right now, especially those like transportation, healthcare, education, and construction. Because the benefits that IoT offers—connectivity, efficiency, safety, sustainability—have never been more important.’