Press Release

Helsinki-based Pentonet has started deploying first pilots of their $89 per month subscription service – SailorTalk – to Greek shipping company Danaos. SailorTalk allows open sea cellular connectivity and allows modern internet of things (IoT) data transfer for all parties, using existing external communications.

"The S16 small cell solution from ip.access has been perfect for us both technically and financially." says Darryn Trowell, CTO of Pentonet. "It allows us to work the way we want and keep the costs at a reasonable level for our business model to work."

"Our 3G and 4G small cells are more versatile than many other suppliers.” adds Ben Ash, Sales Manager for Special Applications at ip.access. “They allow simpler and more cost efficient infrastructures to be built. This has been the source of our work together with Pentonet. We look forward to growing together with them and Danaos.”

Steve Coppins, head of business development at Quortus, comments: “Our scalable core network solutions are specifically designed to enable innovative cellular services like SailorTalk. We’re delighted to have been able to work with ip.access and Pentonet to enable flexible, feature rich maritime communications for Danaos.”