Press Release

iPass today announced its partnership with Jisc, a provider of digital solutions to the education and research sectors. Jisc will bring off-campus Wi-Fi services to higher and further education professionals across the globe, with the aim of enhancing research and learning for everyone in the academic community.

Through its international roaming service, eduroam, Jisc ensures that all higher education students and faculty staff can access Wi-Fi at any university campus in the world. Jisc will now be offering universities and colleges access to the iPass global Wi-Fi network, thereby guaranteeing that online learning can take place off campus as easily as it does in the lecture theatre. Furthermore, iPass’ secure authentication and identity protection features give a measure of confidence to faculty that their valuable academic research will remain secure, should they be accessing public Wi-Fi networks.

“Internet connectivity has had a profound impact on every area of human endeavor, and the education sector is no exception,” said Patricia Hume, chief commercial officer at iPass. “We are therefore delighted to be working with Jisc to help its clients enjoy the benefits of secure, always-on, global Wi-Fi.”

“We are delighted to be working with iPass to extend the reach of this pervasive solution to our customers and particularly our members in education and research,” said Tim Marshall OBE, executive director, Membership and Sales, Jisc & MD Jiscom. “This will enable academics and researchers stay connected wherever in the world they are.”