Press Release

iPass, a leading provider of global mobile connectivity, today announced the launch of its Veri-Fi suite of mobile device analytics and big data services, and confirmed that one of the world’s most widely recognized mobile operators has recently signed a subscription to Veri-Fi data with annualized recurring revenue (“ARR”) over $1M. Leveraging the world’s largest Wi-Fi network, 62 million hotspots in 180 countries and territories, Veri-Fi collects more than 150 network-related parameters, including device location and operating system, as well as hotspot names, locations, venue types and network performance. This data can help iPass customers and prospects create new applications and services from iPass technology, broadening iPass’ reach and addressable market not only to network providers, but also to retail, fintech, advertising, hospitality, and app developers.

The Veri-Fi suite includes the following services:

• Veri-Fi Wi-Fi Analytics provides coverage heatmaps and analytical data to show how and where users are connecting to and disconnecting from Wi-Fi. Veri-Fi Wi-Fi Analytics data also show the percentage of cellular vs. Wi-Fi usage, as well as quality of service scores. This data can be used by network providers to measure device behavior in real time, thus helping them to optimize network performance and reduce network cost, while improving quality of service.
• Veri-Fi Device Data provides comprehensive real-time device data, including device location, connected hotspot, device type, operating system and version. This data can be used by network operators to measure network performance, and by a broad range of other customers to gain insight into mobile device behavior, such as where devices visit, how long they stay in a location, and where they visit next.
• Veri-Fi Hotspot Data enables sophisticated location-based ad-tech applications by augmenting the location information provided by devices. Veri-Fi Hotspot Data can also be used to drive powerful location-based ad platforms.

“Two years ago, we started the transformation of iPass from a reseller of Wi-Fi services to a software and technology company. The flagship of this transformation is iPass SmartConnect™, data-driven software that keeps customers always best connected,” said Gary Griffiths, iPass CEO. “Having assembled the world’s largest Wi-Fi network, we know a lot about Wi-Fi hotspots and the devices that connect to them. Veri-Fi harnesses the data gleaned by iPass SmartConnect, re-packaging and re-purposing it to address the needs of a new set of potential customers.”