The Irish government will invest over €3 billion in the country’s National Broadband plan, which seeks to deliver next generation connectivity across the country

Ireland’s Oireachtas Committee on Communications is set to vote on whether Ireland’s broadband network should remain in state hands.

Ireland’s National Broadband Plan is set to revolutionise connectivity across the Republic of Ireland, at an estimated cost of €3 billion.

The plan aims to deliver 540,000 full fibre broadband connections in rural Ireland. The Irish government has named a consortium headed up by Granahan McCourt as the preferred bidder for the project.

Irish politicians will vote this week on whether the country’s state-owned network operator should be opened up to private investment. Under current plans, the majority of the €3 billion funding will come from the Irish government but will not actually own the network infrastructure once it has been built. A motion tabled by the Green Party’s leader in Ireland, Eamon Ryan, is seeking to ensure that the network ultimately remains in state hands, according to an RTE report


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