The operator’s gigabit fibre network is now available in 28 towns, while its 5G network has reached 20 cities

eir has announced that its gigabit fibre network is now available in 28 Irish towns, currently reaching over 50,000 premises.
The expansion is due to continue at a blistering pace, with 20 additional locations scheduled to be added by April.
The rapid rollout represents the first fruits of a €500 million network investment programme that ultimately aims to reach 1.4 million homes and businesses by 2024. 
“Once completed, our fibre network will cover 84% of the premises in Ireland,” said eir CEO Carolan Lennon.
The Irish telco is not only making waves in terms of fibre; its 5G network has also now reached 20 locations, including Dublin Airport. This is double the number of locations announced at the network’s launch back in October. 
“eir is by far the largest investor in telecoms in Ireland and the IFN [Ireland’s Fibre Network] is a key part of our €1 billion capital investment programme to build the very best network for our customers,” said Lennon. “eir is also transforming its mobile network and our expanding 5G rollout will complement on-going upgrade and expansion of our 4G network.” 
This news comes on the same day that the UK officially announced that Huawei would be able to continue supplying equipment for non-core parts of the country’s 5G networks. 
eir’s own policies mirror those selected by the UK government: they use Huawei for their network’s radio access equipment, while another vendor (in this case, Ericsson) provides equipment for the core. 
“We’re very happy with them [Huawei] as a supplier. They have great kit,” said Lennon. 

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