Press Release

ADVA Optical Networking announced today that the Idaho Regional Optical Network (IRON) has deployed its 100Gbit/s core technology to respond to soaring bandwidth demand from Idaho’s research and education (R&E) institutions. The upgraded backbone network delivers secure high-capacity services across the state including remote rural areas. The new solution features ADVA Optical Networking’s flexible transport technology, enabling IRON to provide universities, laboratories and health care centers with 10Gbit/s services. Built on the ADVA FSP 3000, the network offers phenomenal ease of use and massive scalability, ensuring that IRON’s infrastructure will satisfy the needs of the R&E community both now and in the future. IRON has also subscribed to ADVA Optical Networking’s Bronze Hardware and Software Maintenance package for technical support and extended repair coverage.

“When it came to upgrading our infrastructure, ADVA Optical Networking’s 100Gbit/s core technology offered precisely what we were looking for. One key benefit is the ADVA FSP 3000’s plug-and-play simplicity. Integrating the new equipment into our network was straightforward and we were immediately able to deliver upgraded services. Future-proofing was also a vital requirement so we’ve invested in a solution that can scale alongside rising demand,” said Michael Guryan, general manager, IRON. “Fast, reliable connectivity is an essential tool for today’s R&E institutions. By giving learners and scientists throughout the state access to high-bandwidth applications and enhanced data sharing, we’re closing the digital divide in remote areas, creating invaluable opportunities for research teams and helping to boost the region’s economy.”

By utilizing the ADVA FSP 3000 in its backbone network, IRON is minimizing costs and ensuring maximum efficiency across every section of its transport infrastructure. The new backbone network now supports 100Gbit/s transport so that higher education institutions and research centers even in remote rural areas can take advantage of ultra-fast broadband services. This enables technical data transfer and storage objectives that would otherwise be impossible in many regions. ADVA Optical Networking’s modular solution provides flexibility and cost-efficiency as it transmits, multiplexes and protects high-speed data. Its high-density design guarantees power efficiency and the smallest possible footprint. What’s more, the ADVA FSP 3000’s scalable modular architecture ensures that IRON’s new network is future-proofed against further growth in demand.

“Research and education communities need to be at the cutting edge of technology. With this deployment, IRON is ensuring that laboratories and academic institutions across the state can access high-bandwidth applications and further push the boundaries of what’s possible,” commented John Scherzinger, senior VP, sales, North America, ADVA Optical Networking. “Built on our FSP 3000, this new transport network has the capacity, resiliency and scalability IRON needs to help Idaho play a key role in the global community of learning and scientific discovery. With the capacity to quickly and easily turn up new services and the ability to scale to 100Gbit/s and beyond, IRON’s new infrastructure will satisfy the needs of universities, laboratories and research hospitals for a long time to come.”