Press Release

IS-Wireless, a provider of 5G mobile networks in the open model showcased their original 5G solution during Open Ran World 2022 in Berlin. It marks the company’s introduction to the German market. – The world of mobile networks looks towards the open model with great hope. Thanks to Open RAN, companies just like us, are able to provide a complete, innovative network – says Slawomir Pietrzyk, CEO and founder of IS-Wireless.

Open RAN World conference and trade show, which took place in Berlin, attracted an international community of experts in the field of Open RAN networks. Leaders from the private sector, including operators, connectivity solution providers as well as policy makers and representatives of industry associations gathered to discuss all things Open RAN, including the role of RAN Intelligent Controllers in the network, Integrating Open RAN into Legacy Systems and Policy Frameworks for Open RAN Acceleration. The event provided a venue for IS-Wireless to showcase the 5G network solution. – The German market is particularly important to us, as it is home to many investments in open network technologies. We have already found partners here and we are discussing ambitious 5G deployments – comments Slawomir Pietrzyk, CEO of IS-Wireless. The Polish company presented its solution in Berlin in cooperation with Advantech.

Open model – a chance for growth of European telecom companies
IS-Wireless offers end-to-end mobile networks. Their capabilities were showcased during the Open RAN World show. Solution presented is suitable for deployments in various sectors of Industry 4.0 and smart city applications. It can also be used by public safety authorities and in large scale telecommunication networks. – We believe that Open RAN stimulates the market and leads to development of novel, innovative solutions. Joint effort amongst multiple parties is the best way towards 5G development. This is why we have established the #5GMadeTogether initiative, promoting international cooperation in the field. We are working with companies from Europe, United States and Asia, while constantly looking for opportunities to reach new markets with the open 5G and its great potential – CEO of IS-Wireless notes.

The solution was successfully tested in German labs
Despite the fact that the solution by IS-Wireless was officially presented to the German market for the first time just recently, company’s 5G had been tested in Berlin laboratories before. Tests took place during the O-RAN Global PlugFest 2021 and were hosted by Deutsche Telekom. – Last year we had the pleasure of assessing the performance of our networks in cooperation with Viavi. Back in 2021 we presented full functionality of our open model 5G using commercially available smartphones. The tests showed that we are ready to provide and deploy a complete, efficient solution – Slawomir Pietrzyk highlights. He adds that the last year’s „Building an Open RAN Ecosystem for Europe” report prepared by leading European telecoms (Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telecom Italia/TIM, Telefónica and Vodafone) listed IS-Wireless as the only European SME offering software technology for building Open RAN 5G networks covering the RAN software (O-DU/O-CU), Radio Intelligent Controller (RIC) and management & orchestration tools.