Press Release

Isotropic, the trusted provider of global Internet services offering unrivaled certainty, has launched a whitepaper that details the integral role that satellite has to play in the ‘Network of Networks’. The team has been heavily involved in the validation of new satellite-based applications for 5G and various demonstrations that prove seamless end-to-end satellite and 5G terrestrial services.

“There’s no doubt that satellite is going to be integral to the delivery of 5G networks, but it’s just one part, one technology because other access technologies will be critical as well,” says Hank Zbierski, Chief Catalyst, Isotropic. “Wired, wireless, terrestrial and satellite will work in harmony to meet demand wherever it is with the most relevant technology playing its part in any given situation. We must ensure that satellite blends perfectly with other technologies so that we can create a symphony in space.”

Due to satellite’s unique ability to reach anywhere, it is going to be very important in terms of extending the reach of 5G networks, but it will also play a critical role in enabling network operators to benefit from bandwidth savings, performance, redundancy and QoS especially as demand for mobile bandwidth will see exponential growth as 5G expectations are placed on networks.

Operators will face a number of challenges as 5G becomes reality. They will require cost-effective solutions that enable a frictionless user experience. They will need to meet an insatiable appetite for bandwidth and speed as a result of consumer demand for greater connectivity.

Isotropic’s Datadragon™ has been developed to enable operators to take total control of their network through an intuitive bandwidth management platform that enables users to see, shape and distribute available bandwidth in real time. Datadragon offers application-level transparency, so that users can fine-tune how bandwidth is allocated across single, multi-use or hybrid networks.

“The Datadragon platform will be an invaluable tool for our clients as they navigate the new world of 5G,” continues Zbierski. “With Datadragon, we are giving never-before-seen insights into clients’ networks and the ability to optimize and prioritize bandwidth allocation according to their end users’ needs.”

To discover more about Isotropic’s road to 5G, download the whitepaper here and find more information on the unrivalled certainty delivered by the team at: