Italy’s Minister for Technological Innovation and Digital Transition, Vittorio Colao, has announced a €4 billion investment scheme to connect a further 6.2 million people with fibre and 5G, through a series of tenders being launched in January. 

The accelerated fibre rollout will not only improve connectivity for millions of people it will also create 10,000 to 15,000 jobs to meet the increased demand to lay and splice cables. Alongside this, 5G deployment will be targeting areas such as public transport, industrial applications, and sparsely populated areas, in a move that the Minister hopes will see Italy established as one of the most technologically advanced countries in the EU. 
Italy has seen success with implementing smart industry applications. Digital healthcare has become a point of pride with half of the country already proving to be a market leader in Europe. However, the government understands that there is still work to be done to get the rest of Italy up to speed by supporting the continued fibre and 5G rollout through the new investment scheme. 
With multiple other industries benefitting from increased connectivity – such as manufacturing, agriculture, and mobility – Italy’s economic future looks to be intrinsically tied to continued investment in optical fibre and 5G. 
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