Press Release

Intracom Telecom, a global telecommunication systems and solutions vendor, announced the supply of its cutting-edge E-Band TDD radio, UltraLink™-BX70, to a number of Internet providers in Italy, at the anniversary of a key decision by the local authorities to allow such use of the spectrum.

Since the Italian authorities decided to allocate TDD channels at the E-Band spectrum, Italian Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) and operators were looking for new technologies and solutions that would augment the delivery of Gigabit connectivity to corporate subscribers across Italy. With a significantly lower TCO the WISPs can enjoy the benefits of larger capacities that can be delivered with innovative E-Band technology.

Intracom Telecom’s E-Band Point-to-Point all-outdoor radio system complemented ideally their need for comparable performance to optical fiber, but at a price point that better supports the market segment’s business models. The Communication Service Providers are taking advantage of Intracom Telecom’s E-Band solution’s advanced capabilities, its TDD mode and wide range of Ethernet networking services, to fulfill subscribers increased connectivity requirements while significantly reducing their costs (OpEx) for the E-Band spectrum.

Offering reliable high connectivity services of up to 1.6 Gbit/s aggregate capacity and operating in the 71-76 GHz part of the E-Band spectrum, UltraLink™-BX70 is perfectly designed to fully address the demand of the market for a Gigabit Society where fiber is not available, while its cost optimized nature suits cost-sensitive applications.

Intracom Telecom is active in the Italian market through its local entity Intracom Telecom Italy, and operating one of its 3 R&D centers in Monza, Milan.