Italy’s 5G auction raised a total of €2.8 billion, as the country’s three main mobile network operators spent big to secure spectrum

Telecom Italia (TIM), Iliad and Vodafone spent a combined €2.8 billion on spectrum that is expected to be used in the launch of 5G across the country. Telecom Italia (TIM) secured 10MHz of 5G spectrum, according to a company release.

TIM spent a total of €680m to secure spectrum in the 700MHz band, which will underpin the rollout of fifth generation mobile networks (5G) across Italy. The spectrum will be available from 2022 with the licence running until 2037.

TIM said that it was not deterred by the fact that it would not  be able to use the spectrum until 2022, saying that the technology would be more complexly developed by that point.

"5G is a key technology for many services that will dramatically change the way we live and do business and that will bring Italy to an increasingly connected and smart reality, supporting Industry 4.0, Internet of Things and Smart Cities. The availability in 2022 of the 700 MHz frequencies will be crucial, as by then the 5G ecosystem will be widespread, connecting billions of smart objects – cars, public transports, domestic meters and the control elements of water and gas networks, bins, street lamps, buildings and all what is related to smart cities," the company said in a statement to the press.