Total Telecom TV at the Total Telecom Congress caught up with Ivo Rook from Curiosity Sprint to chat about the next big thing in tech. Find out what he thinks.

“The new big thing” is perhaps the single most overused phrase at tech conferences. It’s seldom used to refer to anything that might actually be the new big thing.

And it’s usually used by people who are grossly unqualified to predict the new big thing.

More importantly “the new big thing” largely depends on where you look. Machine learning almost certainly holds a glimpse of the future. But so too does 5G and augmented reality.

But what about a shrinking digital divide? A more connected society? A better human experience? These are the “big things” that really matter.

And according to Ivo Rook, Senior VP for IoT at Sprint, that’s exactly what the next 12 to 18 months will deliver. Watch what he had to say at the Total Telecom Congress.

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