Press Release

Ixia, the network testing, visibility, and security solutions vendor, is collaborating with Rebaca Technologies, a leading provider of Advanced Test Orchestration and DevOps solutions for Video and Wireless domains, to enable mobile operators with virtualized environments to accelerate deployment of thoroughly tested network functions virtualization (NFV)-based services to subscribers.

Mobile network elements and services can be challenging and lengthy to verify given their complex protocol specifications, extent of test cases required to verify all service scenarios, and the repetition required to achieve acceptable service levels. In addition, virtualized network services in NFV-based environments introduce new testing challenges and considerations.

Mobile operators need to ensure quick, automated deployment of the test harness to multiple locations on NFV infrastructure and scripted execution of a common set of well-defined tests that supports troubleshooting issues with easily understandable results. The combination of Ixia IxLoad Virtual Edition (VE) along with ABot, a test orchestration solution from Rebaca, provides an easy-to-use virtualized test bench that enables rapid verification of virtual Evolved Packet Core (vEPC) and connected network elements by technical field engineers.

“As a provider of advanced solutions for telecom and media, we are proud to partner with Ixia and demonstrate new approaches to accelerating NFV adoption,” said Samir Chatterjee, Managing Director at Rebaca. “The combination of Ixia IxLoad VE along with ABot, a test orchestration solution from Rebaca, provides an easy-to-use virtualized test bench enabling faster verification of complex mobile core components and network services.”

The joint Ixia and Rebaca solution enables customers to use a Domain Specific Language (DSL) for high-level test scripting that makes it easier for field engineers to read, understand, and modify test parameters; create a suite of tests that can be mixed and matched in multiple ways to test specific KPI performance, and provide exhaustive test coverage; use an integrated open-source automation server (Jenkins) to enable continuous test execution with minimal human intervention; easily integrate infrastructure management, troubleshooting actions, and customized test execution reporting within a network service verification flow; and run the test harness in its own environment to minimize impact on the system under test.

“Mobile operators need to deploy virtual evolved packet core and virtual IP multimedia systems in the field to provide Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and rich communications services that work as expected,” said Scott Westlake, Vice President of Corporate Development and Strategic Alliances at Ixia. “The integration of Ixia Virtual Edition testers with Rebaca’s ABot platform delivers carrier-grade performance and load testing with a simplified user experience to validate all components operate as expected, prior to deployment, and ensure QoE.”