JT Group has announced the launch of its 10-year Sustainability Strategy, which will be focused on two key pillars: people and the planet. 

The ‘People’ element of the programme can be broken down into two key themes. Firstly, JT has emphasised its commitment to the local community by supporting charities, promoting digital education and cybersecurity. Secondly, the Group will seek to promote diversity and inclusion within its own business.
For the ‘Planet’ component, JT has been working with the Carbon Trust to achieve its target of becoming carbon neutral by 2030. Measures that are being implemented to achieve this ambition include: using more locally generated renewable energy, reducing their fleet size, switching to electric vehicles and repurposing and reducing their property estate. JT will also be supporting their partners and customers to reduce their own environmental impact.
Graeme Millar, CEO of JT Group, commented: “Climate change remains one of the most urgent challenges for our society today. The fight to contain it requires a genuine commitment from all of us, it’s an opportunity for everyone to work together to protect the world we all share. For us, this is a really important part of our 10-year strategy alongside our ‘social sustainability’ commitment to do good in the communities we live and work in. We’ve a responsibility to champion and lead on digital inclusivity and education and I’m excited to see the benefits that will bring to our islands. We’ve set ourselves some ambitious targets, which won’t be achieved overnight, we hope when we report back each year, we can demonstrate positive steps forward.”
Graeme is speaking at two upcoming Total Telecom virtual events. He’ll be joining a panel at Project Rollout on 18th March on "How can broadband builders use data to optimise rollouts?" On 20th April, Graeme will also be speaking at Gigabit Access on "Innovation in business models in FTTH & FTTx rollouts".