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Sagent, a global provider of communications network equipment, repair solutions and maintenance services, announces the launch of Sagent Insights. This business intelligence reporting platform captures and analyzes massive quantities of data, capturing the full network equipment lifecycle, maintenance and repair operations, and supply chain performance to help customers drive efficiencies.

"At Sagent, our priority always has been, and will continue to be, delivering cost-saving solutions and top-quality service for our customers," said Gordon Smith, CEO of Sagent. "With the official rollout of our Sagent Insights business intelligence platform, we’re taking this dedication to a new level, sharing with customers actionable data so they can proactively address network inefficiencies."

The capabilities of Sagent Insights include:

Network Performance Analytics: Sagent Insights identifies the root causes of equipment failures, pinpoints failure patterns, and uncovers environmental contributors to network outages. This information enables network operators to implement more granularly targeted preventative maintenance strategies and improve technician training in order to reduce equipment failures and network downtime.

Vendor Management Analytics: The Sagent Insights tool offers powerful vendor management analytics to track and evaluate supply chain performance. Armed with details like the total cost of ownership by part number and performance by specific OEM and technology, network operators gain greater understanding of the full network asset lifecycle and can make more informed equipment purchasing decisions.

Operational Cost Management Analytics: This feature empowers customers to optimize their OpEx/CapEx spend by trending network data to help identify the most financially advantageous schedules to upgrade network assets or extend the life of equipment through repair and maintenance programs. Deployments, logistics and training data is tracked and compared to a predefined set of customizable metrics so that additional operational efficiencies can be realized.

Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG): For 18 years, Sagent has developed Green Market solutions helping network operators procure hardware more cost effectively and maintain networks more efficiently. Sagent Insights is the company’s latest Green Market advancement allowing network operators to build sustainability into their business operations and monitor environmental achievements and compliance. With the benefits of Sagent Insights’ analytics, network operators can maximize their reuse of network assets, maximize return-on-assets, minimize contributions to waste streams, reduce mining of precious and base metals, reduce manufacturing, reduce emissions, and reduce wasted labor.

"Our largest customers have been leveraging the Insights Business Intelligence platform to help improve their operational processes and reduce capital expenditures," said Shawn Grennan, Vice President of Sagent. "Our Insights dashboards have provided highly-detailed information on their network assets and have taken a massive amount of complex data and put it in an easy to interpret visual format that allows them to reduce their spares inventory, lower maintenance costs, and negotiate more favorable contracts with their OEM partners."

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Sagent helps customers lower total cost of network ownership and risk of downtime. When there is a need to repair, reuse, replace, or resell network equipment, network operators get the advanced business analytics and network support services required to make the best decisions possible. Sagent takes a nothing-to-hide approach—no hidden data, no hidden risks, and no hidden agenda—so customers finally know what their network knows. That’s why companies in over 80 countries have turned to Sagent since 2001. Today we serve thousands of tier-one telcos, cable MSOs, Fortune 500s, and even the OEMs themselves, and our 130,000-square-foot facility ships more than two million parts per year.