Press Release

Kerlink and Radio Bridge’s Integrated Package Offers A Turnkey LoRaWAN® Solution for Private IoT Networks

‘Highly Complementary Technologies Bring New Level of Responsiveness to Customers Around the World’

Thorigné-Fouillard, France and Minneapolis, USA – Sept. 1, 2020, 6:00 p.m. CET – Kerlink (AKLK – FR0013156007), a specialist in solutions dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT), and Radio Bridge, a leading IoT sensor designer and manufacturer specializing in LoRaWAN® networks, are integrating their technologies to offer enterprise customers a single solution for designing, deploying, provisioning and managing their private IoT networks.

Featuring Kerlink’s gateways, network connectivity and device-management technologies and the web-based Radio Bridge Console and long-range wireless sensors, the integrated package enables customers to easily set-up, manage and scale their LoRAWAN® networks in industries and sectors such as building security, smart cities, medical devices and industrial automation.

Kerlink, a leading provider of solutions for designing, launching and operating public and private LoRaWAN® IoT networks, offers a comprehensive product portfolio of leading industrial-grade network equipment, best-of-breed network-core, operations and management software and value-added applications. The company has more than 120,000 installations in 69 countries in all the primary IoT verticals.

The Radio Bridge Console provides cloud-based tools for the company’s wireless sensors that include the provisioning, monitoring and configuration of devices in the field on a variety of LoRaWAN® networks. The company’s next-generation Armored Sensor™ product line enables the tracking of accurate, real-time data for a variety of industrial applications, including oil and gas, air quality and utility monitoring and supplements the company’s existing indoor and smart-building lines of products.
“Integrating Kerlink’s hardware and software with Radio Bridge’s innovative console and powerful sensors presents industrial, business and public entities with a logical, single solution that can quickly meet their needs for private, up-to-date LoRaWAN® IoT networks,” said Carlos Briceño, VP Kerlink Americas. “Our highly complementary technologies bring a new level of responsiveness to customers around the world.”

“This partnership offers a true one-stop-shop solution for businesses, factories and cities that have specific requirements for their Internet of Things networks,” said Steve Kilts, CEO and co-founder of Radio Bridge. “Kerlink’s world-class hardware and network-management software bring a new dimension to Radio Bridge’s growing suite of LoRaWAN® services for customers across many key industries.”