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KEYMILE’s MileGate 2042 distribution point unit offers eight ports with profile 212a in a compact design. Network operators can thus achieve a data rate of almost 2 Gbps on short connection lines.

MileGate 2042 is a distribution point unit (DPU) optimized for ultra-broadband FTTB applications. The DPU supplies up to eight subscribers with data rates that would otherwise only be possible with a direct optical fiber connection via copper pairs already installed in the house. The DPU supports with profiles 212a and 106a. With profile 212a, an aggregated data rate (downstream and upstream) of approximately 2 Gbps can be achieved on short cable lengths, as is the case in multi-dwelling units (MDUs); with Profile 106a, it is almost 1 Gbps. Network operators can configure the ratio of the downstream to upstream data rate of the interface and are thus able to provide the symmetrical transmission rates they need for cloud and business customer services.

MileGate 2042 is specially designed for use in MDUs: the Micro-DSLAM requires no pre-assembled cabling and can be installed on the wall in the basement of an apartment building without an additional housing. With passive cooling, it is absolutely noiseless, the housing cover is lockable and a sensor alerts in the event of an unauthorized access attempt. Network operators can use MileGate 2042 in star or ring structures. Connection to the optical fiber network is via 10 Gigabit Ethernet. Alternatively, a connection via 1 Gigabit Ethernet or GPON is possible. Network operators control MileGate 2042 via a command line interface, SNMP and Telnet or a Web GUI. The system also has a NETCONF/YANG interface, which allows integration into SDN (Software Defined Network) structures.

In addition to with profiles 212a and 106a, MileGate 2042 also supports VDSL2 fallback. Network operators are thus in a position to expand the broadband technologies they offer as required.

MileGate 2042 is available as of now.

KEYMILE develops and produces telecommunication systems for broadband access. Network operators worldwide use the products to provide top bandwidth to subscribers cost-efficiently and flexibly. The portfolio covers access solutions for all types of FTTx network architectures: based on optical fibre for active and passive optical networks and on copper with VDSL/vectoring/ technology. Furthermore, KEYMILE develops solutions for the integration of software-defined networking technologies in access networks. The company is headquartered in Germany. Since the beginning of 2019, KEYMILE is part of DASAN Zhone Solutions (DZS), a global leader in network access solutions.

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