KT installs two 5G base stations in Taesung Freedom Village

KT has launched a 5G service in the demilitarised zone (DMZ) between North and South Korea, it emerged late last week.

The telco has rolled out two 5G base stations in the Taesung Freedom Village, a South Korean community in the DMZ, Reuters reported.

The base stations have been tested by South Korea’s intelligence service to ensure 5G signals do not cross the border into North Korea, the newswire said, citing company officials speaking at a tour of the site.

The service will make life easier for the village’s 200 residents, who are not normally able to leave home without a military escort, even to carry out farm work, the report explained. 5G will enable them to water crops remotely, for example, while also facilitating activities such as online yoga classes, the report claims.

However, KT pointed out that since the village school is well protected from stray gunfire, 5G speeds inside could remain quite slow.

KT was among the first in the world to launch a commercial 5G offering in April and, like its peers, is working hard to expand its coverage area.

According to press reports from around the region, South Korea reached 1 million 5G customers in early June.