Press Release

Tanaza, a leader in the cloud-managed networking industry, announces a partnership with Amer Networks , an established Canadian manufacturer and global distributor of networking and security products. Tanaza and Amer Networks have joined forces to provide IT professionals with a cloud-managed line of Amer Networks devices that run atop the Tanaza platform.

Tanaza adds compelling value to Amer Networks hardware, enabling MSPs with an easy to use
and flexible cloud management platform for a ‘plug and play’ experience. This approach delivers
high operational efficiency levels, both for mid-sized and large deployments of thousands of

The Tanaza modular software layer further integrates with third-party applications on top to offer
added-value services that suit specific customers’ needs. From WiFi monetization to Hotspot
management applications, Tanaza’s integrations can be enabled seamlessly on any Amer
Networks device powered by Tanaza.

This OEM partnership unfolds a remarkable opportunity for the North American market to
access high performing gear cloud manageable ‘out-of-the-box’ with Tanaza. The new line of
Amer Networks Tanaza Powered Devices comprises the following access points models:
– WAP1000 – 1300Mbps 11AC Dual Band Wireless Ceiling/Wall Access Point for indoor
high-density wireless environments
– DataCloudNode1 – 1300Mbps 11AC Dual Band Wireless Ceiling Access Point for
indoor high-density wireless environments.
– DataCloudNode2 – 1200Mbps 11AC Dual Band Wireless Ceiling/Wall/Desktop Access
Point for indoor enterprise wireless environments.
– DataCloudNode3 – 2100Mbps 11AC Dual Band Wireless Ceiling/Wall/Desktop Access
Point for indoor enterprise wireless environments.

"This partnership exploits the natural synergy between the two companies. The Tanaza
advanced network management platform allows Amer Networks’ devices to be
cloud-manageable out-of-the-box while offering high levels of operational efficiency, flexibility,
and scalability," says Sebastiano Bertani, Founder & CEO of Tanaza . "Amer Networks
Tanaza Powered Devices represents a major advancement for IT providers. Tanaza has been
pioneering the disaggregated approach, and this alliance between Tanaza and Amer is a
preview of how networks of the future will look like”.

"Tanaza is a great partner for Amer Networks. Their innovation and expertise greatly exemplify
and strengthen our product offerings at a time when the industry is evolving quickly and
demanding more from all manufacturers," says Wai Lee, CEO of Amer Networks . We believe
that the next generation of wireless requires an innovative approach to network management
and deployment. The centralized management platform with multi-level user security and the
advanced real-time dashboard provides an essential tool for any MSP and end-user. Easy
network deployment of a campus or even in multi-geographic locations offers excellent value to
our partners and customers."

For more information about the new line of cloud-managed Amer Networks Tanaza Powered
Devices, please read the related article.