Press Release

Link 7 Technology Research (L7TR) announces the integration of Transport Layer Security version 1.3 (TLSv1.3) into its development softphone, PXO, in order to enhance its Real Time Communication (RTC) capabilities.

The latest version of PXO introduces now TLSv1.3 to support most Session Initialization Protocol (SIP) call control and media scenarios. This functionality is added to the rich stack of protocols that make PXO an essential softphone for communications as well as quality assurance validation. TLSv1.3 is not only available by means of traditional call establishment mechanisms but also through specialized scripting that enables full automation.

"SIP with TLS support has been the preferred industry standard mechanism of RTC call control security for years", said Claude St.Pierre, VP of Business Development at L7TR, "as such, full support of TLSv1.3 greatly expands the RTC and Voice over IP (VoIP) capabilities provided by PXO" he added.

PXO can be downloaded for free at