Press Release

Outvise, the largest freelance talent platform in telecoms, is now a member of the three main FTTH councils in Europe, MENA and Africa. These industry associations are on a mission to advance full fibre-based connectivity across their corresponding regions. Fibre will transform and enhance the way we do business, connecting everyone and everything, everywhere.

Outvise is excited to be a part of advancing this important project. By connecting telecoms providers with experienced, specific expertise, we can roll out the power of fibre connectivity to the world. Outvise experts operate across borders, timezones, and cultures, bringing an agile, international approach to freelance consultancy and project-based work.

Alex Collart, CFO & Co-Founder at Outvise, said:

“We are really excited to contribute to the development of the fibre industry by providing agile access to on-demand talent. Our positioning and ability to find the right professionals makes us a pivotal player in the FTTH Council ecosystem, where most members are confronted with increasing talent gaps to execute their new projects.”

This comes at a particularly critical moment for the telecoms industry. The fibre investment boom has led to a substantial talent gap, where major companies and startups alike are finding it increasingly challenging to source the expertise they need. This is not only because the skills were highly specialised to begin with, but because top talent has been snapped up fast.

The answer lies in the freelance market. However, for highly specialised projects, you need highly specialised talent sourcing – and Outvise provides just that. Thanks to Outvise’s team of specialised headhunters and bespoke project-matching algorithms, businesses can locate the expertise they need in as little as 24 hours. This includes niche expertise like network design, market analysts, regulatory experts, pricing specialists, data analysts, and more.

Connectivity will be crucial to this radical shift in the way we work. FTTH council members can encourage and facilitate the transition to fibre. By ushering in this new, evolved moment in business culture across developed and emerging regions alike, we can create opportunities and level up prosperity together.

Outvise finds and connects the best digital & TMT experts with companies that require deep expertise to deliver on their projects. We do this by building and managing a global community of specialised freelancers, finding collaborative ways to serve our clients and experts to deliver greater value and satisfaction to both parties.