Press Release

Calix Operations Cloud combines machine learning, automation, and predictive insights in a single cloud solution for broadband operations teams, enabling BSPs to grow their value by proactively managing the entire subscriber facing network to deliver the ultimate subscriber experience

Calix, Inc. has launched Calix Operations Cloud to enable broadband service providers (BSPs) to simplify their operations by seamlessly managing and delivering the ultimate subscriber experience. Calix Operations Cloud leverages machine learning and actionable insights to automate workflows, reduce truck rolls, lower support costs, and increase subscriber satisfaction. The solution offers an end-to-end view of network health by providing visibility into the critical systems and operations in the access network as well as the subscriber experience inside the premises. With Calix Operations Cloud, BSP operations teams now have complete visibility across the entire subscriber base and the ability to understand the entire experience across important subscriber characteristics including service tier, geography, network topology and more. Calix Operations Cloud will also address the entire Intelligent Access EDGE portfolio (powered by the Network Innovation Platform (AXOS®), the entire Revenue EDGE portfolio (powered by the Experience Innovation Platform (EXOS) as well as EXA access systems, GigaCenters, and third-party customer premises equipment (CPE). Calix Operations Cloud is also designed for simple integration with industry leading operations support and billing support systems. By providing an end-to-end view, Calix Operations Cloud will significantly increase operational agility for BSPs, enabling them to dramatically slash OPEX by proactively identifying potential issues and solving them before they occur.

Broadband service providers can build on valuable customer support insights gleaned from Calix Support Cloud to rapidly incorporate analytics into their broader operational processes with:

Network Performance and Subscriber Experience Insights—Actionable insights provide a holistic, 360-degree view of the access network and subscriber premises health status. This enables BSPs to reduce truck rolls and minimize service calls by proactively—and remotely—preventing slowdowns and service interruptions. With Calix Operations Cloud, BSP personnel can effectively track and analyze usage trends, quickly identify high-bit error rates, and highlight security issues, such as DDoS attacks.
Proactive and Predictive Maintenance—Advanced machine learning algorithms generate and prioritize maintenance recommendations based on analysis of past network behavior. This proactive approach helps BSPs reduce support calls and truck rolls by replacing red-flagged infrastructure before equipment failure occurs.
Automated Network and Subscriber Operations Workflows—Tedious workflows and processes are automated, increasing operational efficiencies and effectively eliminating the need for human intervention. Examples include end-to-end subscriber provisioning (turnups), system lifecycle management, and bulk workflow automation such as extending NetOps to the access network.

To accelerate the implementation, integration, and amazing ROI potential of Calix Operations Cloud, Calix has introduced Premier Success for Operations, a service that enables BSPs to achieve a faster return on Cloud investments, improve operational workflow integration, and continuously meet business objectives such as lowering OPEX and CAPEX.

“Historically, there wasn’t a single application on the market that spanned visibility into our end-to-end operations, so we pieced together an application to help our teams manage our broadband operations,” said Nick Colton, director of technical support, ALLO Communications. “With Calix Operations Cloud now available, we’ll be able to more effectively streamline our operations, reduce customer service calls, and minimize truck rolls. It also gives our network engineering teams detailed visibility into the access network we haven’t always had. We also have improved visibility into the alarms that we receive across our ever-expanding access network. Calix Operations Cloud ultimately will help us automate multiple tasks and accelerate subscriber turnups, allowing us to focus on growing the value of our community by rapidly rolling out new services at higher speeds. This is crucial as ALLO rapidly expands into new markets.”

“Complete visibility into the entire subscriber experience is a game-changer for our customers and an exciting step forward on the Calix all-platform journey,” said Shane Eleniak, senior vice president Revenue EDGE products for Calix. “Once again Calix is breaking new ground in the broadband industry by introducing innovative cloud applications and software solutions that help BSPs of all sizes compete, win, and grow value for themselves and their communities. By providing an end-to-end, 360-degree view of the access network and subscriber health, the actionable insights delivered by Calix Operations Cloud are leveraged to identify usage trends, quickly spot high-bit error rates, and flag security issues. Increased operational agility and automation means BSPs can shift their focus to adding subscribers and quickly turning up new services to support bandwidth-hungry applications like streaming video content, video surveillance services, and cloud-enabled interactive gaming.”

To learn more, you can view our Calix Operations Cloud product page.