Press Release

Birmingham-headquartered communications technology company Intercity Technology has introduced an SD-WAN solution to enable businesses to get the most out of their IT networks, helping improve efficiency and productivity for remote workforces.

With more and more businesses looking at remote working as the future, SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) technology provides a number of unique features for organisations. Not only does it help ensure the reliability and performance of your network, it also enables users to manage the demands being placed on the network by the use of business critical apps plus it brings additional security benefits.

Intercity has introduced the solution to meet growing customer demand with over 60%[1] of businesses now looking to SD-WAN for greater flexibility, security and reliability from their networks.

Andrew Jackson, CEO of Intercity Technology, commented: “We’re delighted to be able to offer SD-WAN through our product portfolio to provide additional support to our customers as they continue to embrace new ways of working.

“SD-WAN is such an important development for the industry, and critical for businesses to help ensure the same level of service provision with a dispersed workforce. From security of company data to a greater oversight of network performance, SD-WAN can provide customers with the flexibility and stability they need as they continue to adapt to the pandemic.”