Press Release

Rajant Corporation, the Kinetic Mesh® wireless network provider, has collaborated to complete the implementation of the Integrated Management System (IMS) by FTP Solutions, the leading network management system (NMS) supplier to top mining OEMs.

According to Scott Mills, FTP Technical Director and the person who built IMS, “FTP partnered with Rajant to incorporate its BreadCrumb radios into our IMS platform because Rajant technology is the most dependable and reliable network for mission critical applications like autonomy, according to our customers. The mining operator benefits from a leading fit-for-purpose radio coupled with a single-pane-of-glass monitoring system. The deep integration of the FTP IMS platform with Rajant Kinetic Mesh makes possible previously unattainable visibility into the high level of performance that a Rajant network enables at a mine.”

“Rajant’s leading industrial wireless M2M radios provide site-wide connectivity regardless of layout and terrain, giving mining operators peace of mind for mission-critical connectivity. FTP’s IMS visualization of data from multiple systems combined with Rajant networking provides a reliable holistic view of operational data,” adds FTP Founder and Managing Director Lachlan McMahon. “FTP has unlocked the ability to view an entire operation through a single-pane-of-glass, and all stakeholders across the mining organization can visualize the performance and are connected by a data assurance network that Rajant technology provides.”

“FTP is in the forefront of reporting network health for the entire OT mining network, and they do it in an agnostic way when it comes to radio technologies including Rajant, LTE, and Wi-Fi,” says Rajant EVP of Global Sales and Marketing Geoff Smith. “FTP’s IMS platform reports on the health of the entire mine network to all relevant parties, which is critical when it comes to having a truly automated operation. Rajant technology can work with any backhaul, including LTE, to provide seamless connectivity through a mine site regardless of pre-existing infrastructure. Further, our industrial wireless networking is both forwards and backhaul compatible, maintaining a mine’s investment and with easing upgrades to the latest technology like our latest Peregrine and Hawk platforms.”