Press Release

Digitalk is excited to announce that Lenderwize, which offers a unique funding marketplace for trading digital commodities, including wholesale voice, has selected Digitalk Carrier Cloud to provide real-time revenue assurance for its operations and customers. Lenderwize, has built an innovative fintech platform, through which financing is available for digital traders, to help overcome asymmetrical payment terms.

In wholesale voice, payment terms often leave operators and carriers exposed, because they are liable for payments to their providers, while waiting for payment from their customers. Lenderwize provides working capital finance to such operators through invoice factoring, enabling settlement of payments and increasing client liquidity.

The solution depends on accurate, timely information regarding transactions, credit risk, and exposure – all of which are available, in real-time, from Digitalk Carrier Cloud. Carrier Cloud enables intelligent, instant control of all wholesale voice transactions, so that immediate decisions can be taken in accordance with agreed account limits. The process is entirely automated, enhancing the efficiency of Lenderwize’s operations.

“Wholesale is cash-flow intensive and the mismatch in payment terms causes problems for smaller operators, that may have attractive propositions for other carriers.” Said Lawrence Gilioli, Co-CEO of Lenderwize. “Our solution to the problem is to provide intelligent vendor financing, ensuring that they obtain payment – which gives them the cash they need to grow their businesses.”

Lenderwize is the first fintech funding platform for Telecom Operators and is backed by $500 million in funding facilities.

Lenderwize’s services enhance wholesale voice trading for multiple Tier 1 operators, and their carrier partners. The Lenderwize solution ensures greater trading volumes, higher margins, and eliminates risk for all parties.

“Carrier Cloud’s native revenue assurance capabilities ensure that every single transaction can be tracked in real-time, facilitating traffic flow and exchange of minutes’, commented Neil French, CTO of Digitalk. “It provides the real-time credit control that all partners need, based on full process automation.”

Lenderwize is enjoying strong demand for its services. Carrier Cloud not only automates the essential process, it also provides complete compliance to evolving market requirements, such as Origin Based Routing, and STIR/SHAKEN. Currently delivering services from Digitalk’s London-based PoP, it is anticipated that extension to other Carrier Cloud PoPs in Singapore and the USA will be required due to service growth.

Carrier Cloud will be further augmented by the availability of Release 6.0 later in 2022.