When building a gigabit network, operators need to consider all the assets available. Full copper networks might be a thing of the past, there is still a role to play for parts of the copper network. Especially in MDUs, where bringing fibre inside the building is a real challenge, a combination of fibre and copper (Fibre-to-the-building) can bring the solution. 

NetComm has developed reverse powered DPUs to address this challenge and offer operators the possibility to bring gigabit services to more end-users in a more cost-effective way. To hear more, please view the video below:

Fibre networks create new revenue streams while delivering the minimum bandwidth needed by all today, but the final connection of fibre to end-user equipment has proven to be challenging. In a world where everyone’s connected life matters – no home, device or machine is too hard to connect. At NetComm we understand that every operator is different, so we build the right solution to meet specific conditions to bridge the gap between fibre and the end-user with new technologies such as 5G and Gfast. To learn more, please click here