InCoax is a market leading provider of MoCA Access 2.5 solutions. We offer in:xtnd™, a 2,5 Gbps fiber access extension for FTTH and FTTB, which uses the existing coaxial cabling to each apartment, room or office. Gigabit broadband access and high quality of service at a fraction of the cost of FiberLAN and DOCSIS 3.1. No need to install new wiring. It´s easy, fast, smart and reliable. Saving the world from complicated. To find out more, please watch the video below:



InCoax Networks is a Promotor Member of the MoCA Alliance, member of the Board and have worked with MoCA based technology in MDU and hospitality deployments for the past 6 years. InCoax chairs the MoCA Access Working Group.

MoCA AccessTM is Fiber extension technology targeting MDUs worldwide leveraging the performance and reliability advantages inherent in its home networking technology while using existing coaxial wiring.  

MoCA® technology is the fastest and most reliable in-home backbone for Wi-Fi® and has been adopted by cable, telco/IPTV and satellite operators worldwide.  MoCA Access 2.0 offers actual data rates of up to 1 Gbps and MoCA Access 2.5 offers actual data rates up to 2.5 Gbps. To find out more, please click here