Press Release

CZ.NIC, the national domain registry for the Czech Republic is one of the latest networks to join LINX NoVA, the US regional interconnection facility from the London Internet Exchange (LINX).

LINX NoVA is a key interconnection location for the US and attracts a diverse community of networks from local access networks to large global content delivery networks. The latest connection from CZ.NIC is a more unique case. The Czech association are taking a 10G port at LINX NoVA in Reston, Northern Virginia to connect one of their global Domain Name System (DNS) nodes.

Zdenek Bruna, CTO for CZ.NIC says:

“Starting the new DNS location at LINX NoVA will further increase the security of DNS traffic and accelerate the processing of our DNS queries in North America. Adding this location in Reston is a part of bigger project for upgrading and strengthening the DNS infrastructure of our .CZ national domain.”

The association is now intensively working on development of the DNSSEC technology and mojeID service, extension and improvements of the domain administration system and support of new technologies and projects beneficial to the Internet infrastructure in the Czech Republic.

LINX recently announced the launch of wider services at their US exchange including Private VLAN and Closed User Groups to meet member network demand there.