The partnership with BongoHive will give start-ups and entrepreneurs access to high speed broadband and cloud based services in Zambia

CEC Liquid Telecommunications has formed a partnership with tech hub BongoHive to invest in Zambia’s emerging Internet of Things and gaming markets.

CEC Liquid Telecommunications will provide high speed internet access and cloud based services to start ups and entrepreneurs at BongoHive in the southern African state.

“It is an exciting time to be a part of Zambia’s start-up scene, which is growing a big reputation for itself in the region as an innovation hotspot. Through this new partnership with BongoHive, we believe we can make a real difference to young entrepreneurs, who can benefit from both our experience and technology,” said, Andrew Kapula, Managing Director at CEC Liquid.

Liquid Telecom will explore ways in which the Internet of Things can play a transformative role in Zambia’s fledgling economy. Zambia is experiencing rapid growth in its e-health and logistics sectors, both of which could benefit from IoT solutions for automation and improved efficiency.

The partnership with BongoHive is the latest step in Liquid Telecoms mission to roll out broadband infrastructure to consumers in Africa. Liquid Telecom won the award for Best Operator in a Developing Market at this year’s World Communication Awards. The company was commended for its operations in 10 African countries, where it has built out a 50,000 km fibre network, which is supplemented by satellite and mobile infrastructure. In doing so, it has thrown down the gauntlet to more established operators in the region to do more to bring fibre broadband to Africa.

"Liquid Telecom has shown that it is possible to take on the incumbents in Africa," said one of the judges at the World Communication Awards.