Lit Fibre has launched today with plans to build an FTTP network to 500,000 premises in the UK.
The new altnet is expecting to launch services in June 2021 intially in the towns of Corsham and Chippenham, Wiltshire.
Tom Williams, CEO of Lit Fibre, said: “We’re delighted to launch our services in Corsham and Chippenham. The past year has clearly demonstrated the importance of having a robust home internet connection in our digital world. With more people using their home broadband for work, school, video streaming, gaming, and other bandwidth intensive applications, the pressure on copper-based services is only increasing.
“We recognise that consistent speeds, a reliable connection and excellent customer service are all important factors for today’s consumer. By switching to a full-fibre network, consumers can enjoy an enhanced experience, without compromise.”
To find out more about the UK’s progress in deploying FTTP networks join us at Project Rollout on 17th and 18th March.