Press Release

PushSpring, an app-based mobile audience platform, today announced an enhanced partnership with LiveRamp, an Acxiom company and leading provider of omnichannel identity resolution. The enhanced partnership establishes the LiveRamp IdentityLink Data Store as a preferred method for accessing PushSpring branded audience data and custom segments.

PushSpring’s Audience Console provides advertisers and app publishers with mobile-originated audience data and insights for nearly 200 million unique device IDs across North America. In addition to audience data, PushSpring provides analytics and modeling services accessible via the LiveRamp IdentityLink Data Store services ecosystem.

LiveRamp’s IdentityLink resolves this data to a privacy-compliant consumer identifier leveraged by hundreds of brands and technology platforms for people-based marketing. In so doing, LiveRamp allows PushSpring to connect their data to brands’ people-based marketing initiatives and extend the reach of the data across channels.

This enhanced partnership provides capabilities that help marketers deliver better experiences with the right message at the right time for consumers.

“We’re excited to strengthen our longstanding partnership with LiveRamp for the distribution and monetization of PushSpring data and services. As a data provider to the most sophisticated programmatic buyers and digital marketers in the world, we put an emphasis on transparency, control, and speed of data activation for mobile and cross-device targeting,” says Karl Stillner, PushSpring’s co-founder and CEO. “The LiveRamp IdentityLink Data Store features offer best-in-class capabilities in each of these areas, and is committed to driving additional innovation for buyers and sellers of audience data.”

Through LiveRamp, marketers can resolve their first-party data into the PushSpring platform and access detailed app-based audience analysis, segmentation, and lookalike modeling built on the PushSpring App Graph™. These insights are actionable via LiveRamp’s IdentityLink Data Store features and can be activated in nearly 500 demand side platforms (DSPs), data management platforms (DMPs), social platforms, and publisher distribution partner platforms.

“As marketers pursue people-based strategies, they need access to mobile data to build and engage audiences across channels,” said Travis May, LiveRamp president and general manager, “PushSpring is an innovator in providing mobile originated audience data for marketers. We’re delighted that PushSpring is using the IdentityLink Data Store features to provide value to their customers”

LiveRamp offers brands and the companies they work with identity resolution that is integrated throughout the digital ecosystem, and provides the foundation for omnichannel marketing. Our services transform the technology platforms used by our clients into people-based marketing channels that improve the relevancy of marketing, and ultimately allow consumers to better connect with the brands and products they love. LiveRamp is an Acxiom company, delivering privacy-safe solutions to market and honoring the best practices of leading associations including the Digital Advertising Alliance’s (DAA) ICON and App Choices programs. For more information, visit

PushSpring ( is the leading independent mobile app audience data provider, offering data, tools, and intelligence products to advertisers and mobile app publishers. PushSpring processes billions of monthly mobile app and device-level signals to create a highly accurate and complete multi-dimensional classification of mobile app audiences, offering nearly 200 million targetable device IDs. PushSpring Personas and custom audience segments can be accessed via the PushSpring Audience Console and distributed through industry-leading DMPs, DSPs, and programmatic platforms including The Trade Desk, Google DBM, MediaMath, Centro, LiveRamp DataStore, and Oracle Data Cloud, as well as dozens of ad network platforms, to power mobile marketing objectives for brands and app owners. PushSpring is a member of the IAB, MMA and the DAA Self-Regulatory Program.