Press Release

Lorica, a subsidiary of HYLA Mobile and leading provider of innovative mobile device protection plans, today announces that The General®, an insurance provider, has added Lori® Device Protection to its insurance portfolio. The General has more than 400,000 customers and receives around 4 million visits to its website each year from U.S. consumers looking for insurance solutions including automobile, renters and other lifestyle insurance, such as health coverage for pets.

A fully digital experience, The General’s website and app allows consumers to select the plan that best suits their needs. The General offers Lori’s four device protection plans, including:

• Starter: like an extended warranty, this plan covers mechanical and electrical damage
• Essential: includes all of the Starter plan features plus protection from accidental damage, such as cracked screens and spills
• No Worries: includes all of the Essential features, plus loss and theft protection
• Spoil Me: includes all of the No Worries features, plus lower deductibles and declining premiums if no incidents for 12 months.

Joe Settimi, SVP and GM, Emerging Business Group, HYLA Mobile said: "Smartphone protection is something that many consumers want but typically can only get within thirty days of a new device activation. Lori allows consumers to purchase device protection at any time. We’re glad to be working with The General and expanding the types of protection it offers consumers. Device protection is very much a complementary service to what they provide today, and we’re delighted to help deliver device protection plans we know consumers want."

Lori uses HYLA’s patented Advanced Diagnostics leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) technology to determine the condition of a device and whether it functions as expected. The AI technology is also able to determine whether the screen of a smartphone is damaged and thus eradicate fraudulent claims.

Thom Vyneman, SVP, Product Management of The General said: "Insurance is a lifeline for many consumers—it gives them peace of mind knowing that if an accident happens, they will be covered. We understand just how much consumers value their smartphones. They are a lifeline to their family, friends and livelihood. We’re pleased to provide Lori Device Protection to our customers and further diversify our product portfolio."

Lori Device Protection is available now from The General. For more information, please visit: