Press Release

LS telcom, an expert in spectrum management and 5G spectrum consulting, was welcomed as a new member by the 5G Alliance for Connected Industries and Automation (5G-ACIA) during the plenary meeting on 30th/31st January.

5G-ACIA is a new global initiative with the aim to optimize the applicability of 5G technology and 5G networks in the manufacturing and process industry by addressing, discussing and evaluating relevant technical, regulatory and business aspects.

Dr. Andreas Müller (Bosch), Chairman of the 5G-ACIA declares, “We are delighted to welcome LS telcom as a member of 5G-ACIA. LS telcom is a recognized expert with solid experience in the field of 5G, spectrum policy, technology and regulations. We are therefore already looking forward to numerous valuable contributions from LS telcom to the various ongoing activities of 5G-ACIA.”

LS telcom has already assisted the EU, the UK government, the transport industry and diverse industry associations with projects that focused on the technology evolution, impact on spectrum policy and co-existence studies as well as infrastructure requirements of 5G. LS telcom also provides training courses on 5G related matters and is a member of the University of Surrey’s 5G Innovation Centre (5GIC).

Dipl.-Ing. Roland Götz, COO and board member of LS telcom, said, “We are looking forward to collaborating with the 5G-ACIA to contribute to the success of 5G in the industrial domain and to support the application of 5G for the different use cases and very diverse requirements of the industry.”