Deutsche Telekom have today launched a new cloud gaming service called MagentaGaming, after completing tests over the last year

Today, Deutsche Telekom (DT) have announced the launch of their very own cloud gaming service, dubbed Magenta Gaming.
The service will offer users access to around 100 games of ‘various genres’ which they can play on their computer, mobile, or tablet. The platform will even allow players to switch between devices while still tracking their progress.
The new service is available free for the first three months, after which subscriptions will cost users €6.95 a month.
Cloud gaming allows users to stream games directly from the cloud, thereby doing away with the need for a high powered device. As a result, gamers should have access to technically demanding games, even on their mobile phone.
In order to ensure a smooth experience, a low-latency connection is required, which DT says it can achieve through its existing LTE and 5G networks.
The service was first launched in beta around a year ago, with around 20,000 users having tested the concept.
DT is betting that cloud gaming will soon become big business, having this year invested in Polish cloud gaming company RemoteMyApp, as well as last year buying a stake in German professional eSports team SK Gaming.
Many telcos appear to think likewise, with SK Telecom working with Microsoft to cloud gaming for Xbox at the start of this month.
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